In learning environments, Dibuprint 3D is a great kick start to discover 3D prototyping and understand how a 3D printer works, but from a participative perspective, where younger students create their own printable models from their drawings, applying the usual tools for their creativity.

The tool allows obtaining automatically printable 3D models from a simple picture or photo. This way, besides drawings, any 2D image file (planetas, moléculas, animales…) can be converted into 3D.

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Dibuprint 3D is installed both in the teachers and students computers. Students will store their images, drawings and printable 3D models in local folders within their computers. The teacher will decide which pieces will be 3D printed, and is able to update with the best creations a common repository accessible to all teachers. In future updates a mobile version will be developed so students can use it on their iOS and Android tablets as well.

  • Dibuprint3D Application: it contains all the functionalities of design and creation on screen, import pictures or photos, painting and cropping tools, capturing drawings from paper using the webcam, 3D model editing to paint or retouch, and viewing printable models (STL)
  • Dibuprint 3D Support Portal: a portal for online ticket and support management, friendly and easy to use, which is located in this web, in the “support” section.



Dibuprint 3D includes a support  service based on an annual license that covers all the needs of Learning Centers. Discover all the features of our licenses GOLD

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