Dibuprint 3D BASIC is a PC application targeted for any environment, home or professional, where the focus is 3D printing with no need to know how to model 3D pieces, or download predesigned models from Internet. This software allows obtaining printable 3D models from a simple drawing or photo, which can be captured using the PC webcam or imported from its folders. This way, besides pictures any 2D image file can be converted into 3D.

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Dibuprint 3D BASIC is organized in two modules, one is the tool and the other is the support web site:

  • Full application: contains all the tool functionalities, with ability to design, capture from the webcam drawings on paper, import images from folders, retouch and crop tools, store 2D drafts and generated 3D objects, and 3D print.
  • Support Portal Dibuprint 3D: a portal for online doubts and support management, with manuals and tutorials. Friendly and easy to use by all the audience.



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