The founding members of the Wildbit Studios team have been entrepreneurs in the video game industry during the last 30 years, going through practically all the existing technological platforms. Their deep knowledge of base technology and the fact of having been part in first person of the market evolution, place them on a privileged position to embark new challenges in the industry. 

Since it was founded on 2011, Wildbit has focused con creating original IP and has invested in developing innovative technologies with differential value. This is reflected both in “Paper Zombie”, their first high end 3D video game for iOS/Android and “Drawpets” where RTSE technology made a debut, and was awarded by Samsung as the best Android game in the “App Date Awards 2012”, and by Microsoft (AppCampus, 2014)  and highlighted by PocketGamer as one of the “Top 10 Games” from Gamescom 2012. In 2016 they have been chosen by Sony Computer Entertainment among more than 90 Independent Studios to take part in “PlayStation Talents Games Camp”, an initiative that allowed Wildbit Studios to launch their first high end video game fo PlayStation4, DrawFighters, and also includes the latest version of the RTSE® technology and was successfully launched in Xmas 2016.

Besides visual technology, Wildbit has developed inhouse an analytics system (GASE) to optimize the life cycle of games, improving monetization and user retention.

Wildbit has a business line related to consulting and third party development services, Wildbit Digital, where all their technologies meet, be it for web, mobility or back end.


Wildbit Studios is a mix of creativity, talent, experience and technology in constant search of new and innovative projects.



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