Terms of GOLD Support Service


The annual GOLD license includes the Dibuprint 3D software and services of assistance and incident support. The terms and conditions of the service described in this document only apply to users with an active GOLD license.

Wildbit Studios, S.L. guarantees the availability of qualified staff and the material means needed for the proper service and fulfillment of the requirements of this service.

Thus, Wildbit Studios includes in its support model:

  • Support Teams:
    • Formed of expert professionals in the different supported products and technologies, to provide the customer a solution for technical issues, always based on the best practices defined. This team will provide support to the Service Manager.
  • Service Manager:
    • In charge of managing open tickets of support service. Being the main interface with the customer, he acts as point of contact for issue management, selecting the type of support required and means of access to product information.

With these models, the customer will have access to the different support service for its platforms:


1     Reactive Activities

Typically, reactive activities can be one of this kinds:


1.1 Technical Assistance Services


  • Corrective Maintenance: Incidence are managed using online “tickets” opened using forms in the support portal, where customers can notify any anomaly in how Dibuprint3D works. Additionally, customers with GOLD license will have access to a number of 8×5 Telephonic Assistance for critical incidences covered by this SLA). After the call an engineer will be assigned the ticket, which will be attended within the time window described in the SLA later in this text).


  • Installation Assistance: Should a customer need technical assistance for software installation, it will be communicated creating a “ticket” using the forms of the support portal. The staff from Wildbit Studios will contact the customer to arrange a date and time for the installation and will perform a guided installation via phone or other means available for the task.


  • Online Learning: One of the services of the GOLD license is providing means for online learning, essentially manuals and video tutorials available for the customers.


  • Queries: Wildbit Studios will facilitate a phone number or email address (via the support portal form) to request information, make questions about technical issues related to the service.

1.2 New Version Installation


Wildbit Studios will provide updates or patches for the products resulting of changes aimed to fix problems detected in how the application works or as a result of adding upgrades or evolving the software. Users with an active GOLD license will have free access to the downloads of all software updates, via the customer area in the support portal.


2     Incident Management

Incidences are prioritized and managed according to what is stated in the section Support Terms in this document.


2.1        Support Plans


Support plans need to have a time frame defined both for phone/remote contact as for resolution and reply using the “tickets” system in the support portal forms.

2.1.1     Telephone Helpline


The time of response of the staff assigned to return the call is immediate, since the calls are attended by a qualified engineer

2.1.2     Ticket Resolution


The time frame of reply to the customer with GOLD license that has submitted a ticket using a form in the support portal, will be within 2 hours since reception by the technical support staff at Wildbit Studios.

2.1.3     Duration of Service


The level of support works as described in point 11. The service starts on the date of software activation and will last one year, although it can be renewed annually if the customer orders renewable licenses.


There is no limit of incidences.


3     Support Terms


3.1 Levels of incidence priorities

Treatment of the priority levels for incidences has been defined by Wildbit Studios attending to the following criteria:

  • Criticality of the incidence or affected functionality:
    • High (3). The incidence is critical for normal operation and impacts the normal working of customer operations.
    • Medium (2). The solution of the incidence is necessary to achieve the expected goals, although it’s not critical for ongoing customer operations
    • Low (1). The resolution of the incidence improves operations


NOTE: Priority of an issue will be stablished by Wildbit Studios identifying the criticality and impact of the issue.

When a ticket is submitted Wildbit Studios will add it to its Ticketing system and will notify the customer regarding its reception.


3.2 Response to Incidences and Resolution Times


This document states a support of 8×5 in working days (monday to friday, holy days are excluded).

Resolution time is calculated at the moment the issue is communicated to the support team until its resolution (including the support necessary by third parties and on-site assistance when needed). Priority 1 (high) issues must be notified via phone to be considered as such, since other communication means (submitting a ticket via form) don’t guarantee delivery in the expected time frame.

When the issue is priority 1 (high), resolution time start when it is submitted via phone to the support team. This is the way to ensure an immediate start in search of a solution.

Before submitting an incidence to the support team, the customer will make sure that:

  • The issue is not direct responsibility of the customer
  • All reasonable efforts to solve the issue have already been made
  • All the relevant info has been previously collected (test reports, logs, etc) to help in a faster resolution.

The following chart establishes the response, restoration and resolution times for the offered service:


Level Response Time Resolution Time Support Type
Priority 1 (high) 1/2 hour 1 week 5×8 working days
Priority 2 (medium) 2 hours 2 weeks 5×8 working days
Priority 3 (low) N/A 1 month 5×8 working days